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The main types of real estate in Spain: Apartments in Spain, property in Spain, commercial property in Spain

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The main types of real estate in Spain: Apartments in Spain, property in Spain, commercial property in Spain

A brief description of the main types of real estate you will face in Spain

Studio - The simplest kind of residential property that combines in one space living room, kitchen and bedroom. Separately located bathroom. The standard size studio - 25-30 m2. Typically, the studios have a balcony or terrace, rarer studio with a small garden, if the studio is located on the lower floor. Studios are located, usually in multistoried buildings.

Apartments in Spain - are located in apartment buildings, mostly used for permanent residence. In addition to the living room, have a minimum of one bedroom, kitchen, one or more bathrooms. Pool and other infrastructure depend on the time of construction and type of the house.

Attic (Atico) - flat on the top floor of a multistory house, often with private solarium

Bungalows in Spain is an apartment with separate entrance in two - three-storey building. Often located in the urbanization with communal pool and green areas.

Bungalow on the ground floor - has a separate entrance, own small garden plot sometimes replaced by a parking place for cars. Bungalow includes a minimum of 1 bedroom, kitchen, 1-2 bathrooms, utility rooms sometimes.

Bungalow on the middle floor - it flat with its own balcony and separate entrance.

Bungalow on the top floor - also has a separate entrance and its own sun deck, which is often under equipped recreation area or barbecue.

Attached house in Spain, such houses as bungalows, are located in the urbanization with communal pool and green areas. The main feature of the adjacent houses in the fact that they have at least one common wall with neighbors.

Corner adjacent house - is the angle in the complex, so one of the neighbors do not. Typically, these homes have plots of land, more than not the angular houses. Consist of two floors, solarium, two or more bedrooms, one or more bathrooms. Almost like a separate house, only one of the side walls in common with its neighbor.

Duplex or triplex, two or three-story house or bungalow, situated in the line of houses and having neighbors on both sides. A plot of land is usually small.

Detached house in Spain (casa independiente, chalet individual) - first word «independiente» or «individual» says that the house is on a separate site. Usually called Chalet is not very large houses is 60 - 150 m2 with a plot of up to 500 meters. They are located, or in a residential complex with communal swimming pool, or individually. Often seen as a feature of small towns and in suburbs.

Villa - detached house with private garden or plot, as a rule, the area from 500 to 2000 m2. The house area of 150 m2 and more. The level of finish and quality of construction is usually high. The villas are the most expensive residential real estate, although in reality the parameters and their prices are in a very broad range:

You can buy a villa from 500,000 euros to 30 million

Plot (Parcela) - just a piece of land. Can sit anywhere and have a different status (urban, rural, etc.)

Premises, Commercial premises (Local, Local Comercial) - space for doing business. Located in the commercial and shopping centers, in which case they guarded, or occupy the lower floors of apartment buildings. The new premises are sold, as has already finished, and in an unfinished state. Premises on the secondary market often are sold with a license for a particular activity.


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