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Youth sports camp in Spain

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Youth sports camp in Spain

 "CAMPSTEENS" ofece and it develops a new approach in the training camps in Spain for children and girls from 8 to 18 years. Concept essence – achievements of the new purposes in formation of youth by means of sports, with the participation high-class sportsmen who teach lectures and employment for youth, but the most important thing, they are success vivid examples thanks to own work and efforts. Many children will remember well this experience of dialogue.


 Children can get acquainted with history and culture of Mediterranean sea participating in excursions, visiting Museums and thematic parks. In common with sports employment and active leisure, in camp to children teach a language rate which will add educational program.

The juvenile camp "CAMPSTEENS" is placed on the coast, close to the city Alicante. This place privileged to the shore of the Mediterranean sea with enormous beaches of sand gilded with a 218 km extension. Close to the city Alicante there is placed the city Alcoi and Oriuela. Two cities are rich in cultural and architectural heritage.


 The soccer – is the sport king at present, millions of children and young people practise it every day in the whole world. That's why «CAMPSTEENS« possesses the best soccer school directed by big stars of the Spanish and international soccer. All this in the best sports base of the white coast, in Alicante with more than 300 days of the sun a year and an average temperature of 18 up to 24 grades.

Other sports presented in CAMPSTEENS

  • MARINE SPORTS - Proposal of nautical sports, sail and diving.
  • VOLLEYBALL - Camp «CAMPSTEENS« has a base of sports training in interiors and outdoors for this sport.
  • HORSEBACK RIDING - In «CAMPSTEENS« is placed the equestrian base “RIDING TOWN WILL SEE” with horses of pure Spanish race
  • TENNIS - «CAMPSTEENS» possesses sports base for tennis
  • CYCLING - the nature of the coast and its mountain ranges allow to practise this sport whole the year..
  • GOLF - Costa Blanca - an authentic paradise for the lovers of this sport. Costa Blanca might be one of the principal international centers of golf during the whole year, thanks to the exceptional climate, a big number of sun days a year and ITS 15 fields of the first class..

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