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When you face the election of who to work, there are some things to be born in mind, and our experts possess them.

1. Professionalism, competition and honesty

  • We are provided with the best professionals and his wide experience, deep knowledge of the country, real estate, and the part of legal aspects of the deals. Better that they nobody will understand what you need and which are the most favorable conditions for you.
  • Our lawyers have always defended the interests of our clients, be already in a bank when a mortgage is done or in the signature before notary of the writing.
  • Our actions are transparent. We give to our clients a finished information, on which be basing to do a conscious election.


  • Our optimized experience, it gives us the safety of a few professional and financial resources that endorse the transparence of the product that we offer.

Our database contains more than 20.000 products of sale and investment.

All the propositions done by our clients, they have been evaluated so much juridical as financially, in addition to spending other necessary expert tests.

The deals realized by the company "RUNIGA", are protected by the guarantee of the state. Working with us, it receives the guarantee of the confidentiality and the juridical cleanliness of the deals.


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