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Become an Runiga agent for the sale of real estate abroad

Dear friends!

After a stagnation on the real estate market, a tendency is observed towards the progress. The demand is growing quickly. RUNIGA invites to be our agent, finding clients to buy a property in Spain and other foreign countries.

We speak, first of all, to persons who have a fixed work and the necessary knowledge as well as a clients' portfolio that are interested for the real estate acquisition abroad.

We propose an additional salary to your fixed work. Without any risk, you have only to propose to your circle of friends and acquaintances the service of our company for the real estate sale . You can take the client to any of our offices where they will be attended by our competent specialists.

Our company occupies a leadership position between the foreign agencies of real property and has a good reputation. The company also takes part regularly in diverse exhibitions, and ride to end diverse seminars, where your friends and clients will be able to know the best real estate products.

Make use of this opportunity to gain extra money without effort!

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