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The recommendations of the company

The recommendations of the company are simple advices, which will help you to commit neither errors or loss of money, to buy, to sell, to hire the real estate or to gather the liquidation for the investments:

1. Get in touch with a big company:

Only a big company with reputation known on the market during more than 15 years, can guarantee a high quality in the service to the clients, as well as professionalism of the personnel, juridical transparence and safety in all the deals, and grant the whole complex services bundle on the real estate market.

2. The correct selection of the real estate

All the employees of the company Runiga know every day the proposed real estate and the region of their area.

That's why they can always advise you on any product linked with your interest, in Spain or any other country.

Rise all the questions that you consider suitable, with our professionals you will never stay without answer.

 3. Insure of signing the contracted one of the trip and the presentation of the real estate

Our company always concludes the contracted preliminary ones of the trip and the examination of the real estate, where you can indicate all the parameters of the real estate, or of the investments, guarantees this way the demonstration of those objects, which you are interested in. We appreciate your time and want to optimize it to the máximum.

4. The interpellation and the reception of the mortgage loan

To be exact especially in the election of the bank not to lose the time in the appraisal and money for the evaluation of the building. The banks today work and give the credits only to those clients, who go through sure and well-known companies that have acquired reputation on the real estate market. Especially now during the crisis it is when the conditions of authorization of mortgage loans have been hardened.

5. Aftersale services and the management of your property

Our aftersale service will take charge of the management of your building after its buy, as well as of all the questions related to the same one for your calmness and confidence.

With the responsibility that characterizes us we will help you in the resolution of any question as well as in the formalization of the ligh tcontracts , water, management of the real estate in your absence, buy of furniture and domestic appliances, works of maintenance and much more.


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