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Reasons to buy property in Spain

1. Prices. The cost of housing in Spain is less to the prices in Europe. Less than 100,000 euros you can buy a decent apartment close to the beach in the most popular country in Europe.

2. Climate. The Mediterranean coast of Spain has, according to official data, the best climate in Europe. Average number of sunny days per year more than 300. Average annual air temperature 17 degrees. This paradise for living and recreation.

3. Legislation. In Spain, one of the most liberal systems for real estate purchase by foreigners. Any resident may purchase, without limitation, the residential and nonresidential real estate. Mechanism to monitor transactions and their purity is guaranteed notaries and registries of property, among them the most advanced in Europe.

4. Culture. Spain's second most popular tourist destination worldwide. Rich history, a mix of different cultures, outstanding artists of all time. Spain can learn over the years, it is a storehouse of history, culture and art. This is a country that is rightfully earned the reputation of the cultural capital of the world.

5. Gastronomy. Food in Spain - a separate argument for living here. The world-famous Mediterranean diet rich in seafood, olive oil and fresh vegetables and fruits found in any restaurant of Spain, regardless of its category. And, best of all for creative people, this diet, you, as a future guest of Spain, you can enjoy cooking all my own hands, as in local stores and markets an extensive choice of variety and always fresh food.

6. Spaniards. It is safe to say that the Spanish people the most friendly and hospitable in Europe. The tradition of coexistence of different cultures and religions for centuries made the Spaniards are very tolerant of foreigners. Also, being a tourist mecca, Spain understands all the benefits that are foreign visitors and investors, and is doing everything to create a conducive atmosphere to them.

In fact, the reasons for buying property in Spain is much more, and we are sure you will appreciate their own, after it becomes the happy owner of the house of your dreams in this beautiful country.


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