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Coast of Spain, real estate in Spain coast

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Coast of Spain, real estate in Spain coast

Remained behind the times, Spain was considered the most backward country in the European Union. Today this state complies with the requirements of the global market, having developed infrastructure. The banking system in Spain is one of the most stable in Europe. Thanks to tourism changed the priorities in the economic and social spheres has increased significantly the level of living. Spain now offers great opportunities for business and investment.

Spain - is a wonderful mix of different cultures. Beautifully preserved Romanesque monasteries, churches, palaces, architectural buildings of different styles, still remain a part of everyday life and symbolize the inseparable connection between past and present. In Spain, there are many unique museums and galleries. The most famous Prado Museum in Madrid, attended a masterpieces of world art, the Picasso Museum and National Art Museum of Catalonia, located in Barcelona, the National Museum of Sculpture in Valladolid, the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao. And of course, can not fail to mention the taste of Spanish cuisine. Fresh fruits and vegetables all year round, olive oil, the best wines, fresh seafood - is the basic diet, without which it is impossible to imagine this country where there is food culture.

Every year, Kingdom of Spain visited by millions of tourists. This is one of the warmest countries in western Europe. . Average number of sunny days per year - 280, and the average annual temperature on the Mediterranean coast is 20 degrees Celsius. On the coast of Spain has more than two thousand beaches - Costa Brava, Costa Dorada, Costa del Azahar, Costa Blanca, Mar Menor, Costa del Sol, Costa del Maresme, these are just some of the most popular destinations.

Costa Brava, is undoubtedly one of the most picturesque places in Spain. This is the northern coast of Catalonia, which stretches from the French border to Blanes. Mighty steep mountains stretch for 80 miles along the coast and the coastline, winding rugged little bays, due to its unattractiveness to the device ports, kept intact the magnificent scenery. Especially fascinating scenic sandy beaches, which will protect from the winds mighty mountain-giants, the slopes are covered with pine and olive groves, among which are hidden villas and mansions. It should be noted that the Costa Brava - it's pretty cool shore of the Mediterranean, however, the climate is fairly mild, and the holiday season lasts from June to October. Average temperature during this time period is 25-28 degrees, and water in the sea - 21-23 degrees.

Costa del maresme - a resort area in Catalonia, Costa Brava is a continuation of and extends to Barcelona. This area is famous for its picturesque beaches with silvery sand-developed resort infrastructure.

Has long been in these places are fishing villages, and only in the middle of last century, the area began to be built the first residences of wealthy and affluent residents of Barcelona. Certainly the proximity of a city like Barcelona, can not affect the level of real estate.

Costa Blanca - is located in southeastern Spain, takes up almost the entire coast of Alicante province. This area is famous for its unusually warm climate, when Europe still reigns winter here already in full bloom orange gardens. Its name was due to resort to white rock, which effectively protect the coastal zone from the north winds from the land, and, consequently, sudden temperature changes. The climate here is very favorable. Average temperature in winter in southern Costa Blanca is about 19 ° C, and summer - 32 ° C. While the temperature of water, respectively, in the winter - 13 ° C and in summer - 29 ° C. This place is also famous for its salt lakes, which are comparable to the Dead Sea, through which are formed by individuals at the healing power of microclimate. Costa Blanca - rapidly developing coast. Here is a massive construction that allows you to purchase property at more economical prices than on other coasts. Constructed as skyscrapers, offering apartments from conventional to penthouses and private residential complexes with adjacent houses and bungalows. Frequently used standard finish and design. And of course, like any coast real estate price depends on the proximity to the sea. Urbanization, located in the distance from the sea - more suited to permanent residence and have a large area. Complexes, which are located within walking distance of the beach, basically offer a small apartment or a bungalow for the summer by the sea, although in these complexes can purchase and penthouses on the upper floors. In addition, on the Costa Blanca there are special places, such as small towns or Calpe, where amidst the beautiful green hills are found homes and villas with stunning sea views

Costa del Sol - this is the most southern Mediterranean coast in Spain, which stretches from Malaga to Gibraltar. Resorts of the Costa del Sol are the most prestigious and fashionable throughout the Spanish coast. Many celebrities, aristocrats and owners of large companies have chosen the Costa del Sol as a place for their residences. Here, picturesque and clean beaches stretch for miles. The climate is mild and warm, and the total number of sunny days per year, significantly more than in Spain as a whole bathing season on the Costa del Sol, also last much longer than in other resort areas of the country. This place was chosen for themselves to know Spanish, famous actors. It is here that is a luxury residence Arab sheikh. This neighborhood certainly reflected in the level and property prices. Is dominated by luxury villas and mansions, even bungalows are built using an unusual design with high quality finishing, in protected residences with gardens, decorated in a Mediterranean or Asian style, with tennis courts, spa and fitness centers.

Costa Calida - coast in the province of Murcia. The picturesque sandy beaches that stretch for 230 km. Here is Europe's largest saltwater lake - Small Sea, famous for its healing properties. Climate Costa Calida is very mild. The sun shines here 320 days a year. Lack of industry and highly developed agriculture, provide clean air filled with aromas of flowers and fruit. Here we continue the massive construction of tourist apartments. Small area of flat enough for a family holiday by the sea, and apartment complexes have swimming pools, playgrounds and tennis courts. On the famous spit La Manga, you can purchase and own a house or a magnificent villa with its own jetty. In addition, the world famous La Manga Club is a favorite place of residence of the elite of the world where the services of the owner of a golf, tennis, spa, 5-star hotel.


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