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How to buy property in Spain or the procedure of real estate purchasing

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How to buy property in Spain or the procedure of real estate purchasing

So you've got to know the real estate offered by our company, and decided that you want to buy.

After treatment in our company work is constructed as follows:

  • You will communicate directly with a specialist real estate office nearest RUNIGA in Spain, Russia (or elsewhere). Runigi specialist will answer all your questions, give more detailed information on the most liked sites, will tell the whole of the buying process, will give valuable advice before the trip.
  • When dates are determined, you sign a contract with our company services to travel to Spain to buy property. The treaty covers all options ideal for your facility, dates, the budget for which you expect. This contract is very important to properly prepare your stay abroad, and confirms your serious intent to work with us.
  • On arrival in Spain, an employee of our company will meet you at the airport or train station and drive you to the location.
  • The following days, you, along with our manager, will see the objects according to your application and sign a contract.
  • Once you have decided on the subject, is a private contract of sale with the owner purchased the facility where the specified price, payment terms and other conditions of operation.
  • Before your departure, provide opening a bank account and issue an identification number of foreign
  • Our legal department checks for debts or encumbrances that must be addressed prior to signing the public deed.
  • During the period, released before the signing of the deed, our legal department is preparing all necessary documents, including the mortgage, if required.
  • Once everything is ready, place a public signing of the purchase and sale transaction at the notary with the final settlement with the owners and obtain the keys and all documents on the property.
  • After signing the bill of sale, our legal department to register the deed tax authorities and the registry of property.
  • If desired, you can sign the contract with our department after-sales service that our company took care of all after purchase.

Described above, the standard steps of buying property in Spain. Nevertheless, we can work on the individual program for search, registration of real estate, as well as advisory services in the process of buying or selling real estate or business projects, anywhere in Spain.

For all questions please contact any of our offices around the world or send mail to the address


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