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Opening of accounts in foreign banks

Our company ensures opening of accounts for the companies of non-residents in the European banks. We offer our clients rather wide choice of possibilities on accounts opening - beginning from small and convenient Spanish banks, and finishing prestigious banks of the Western Europe, including - banks of the best category of reliability (AАА).

Before a choice of the most suitable bank for setting up an account, the company owner first of all should advance the purposes of the non-resident company and, in particular, setting up an account for this structure.

If the purpose of the account opening is commercial activity with a considerable quantity of arriving and proceeding payments then the most important criteria of a bank choice will be speed of transfers carried out by bank and convenience of account management.

In this case, it is important to be provided with a system developed for the account management over a distance (INTERNET-BANKING. with a subscription quota for the use of these programs, will be able to displace transferences and monitorear the state of the account opened in the way of ON-LINE.

In a case when the primary goal of setting up an account is preservation of financial resources, a usual form of co-operation with bank is the deposit. Accordingly, important questions at setting up an account are reliability of bank and size of percent paid under the deposit.The direct proportion, as a rule, operates: the above a category (rating) of reliability of bank, the the interest rate more low paid under deposits. For example, in banks of the highest category of reliability - ААА, percent on the deposit will be rather low that is caused by conservative investment policy of banks of this category.

In certain cases, at setting up an account the businessman puts a question about that its free means not involved in a core business also continued to "work", creating more the high return, in comparison with the standard percent charged under the usual bank deposit. Then the businessman should consider a setting up an account variant in one of investment houses which professionally place means of the client for the international share markets, receiving rather higher percentage.

The definitive choice of the country and bank for setting up an account, certainly, remains for you, and we are ready to help to fulfil your requests with the greatest for you advantage.


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