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Juridical support for deals abroad

Everybody knows that the real property deals are in risk of committing legal errors, slightly professional reagents that want to gain money at the cost of the buyer confidence.

The lawyers of Runiga take very seriously all the accompaniment aspects in the real estate deals, consulting in necessary case the principal lawyers and juridical companies of the world.

Our company has a contract with the famous signature of lawyers Pricewaterhouse Coopers, for the advice and protection of the company and interests of all their clients.

Our specialization profile:

  • Advice in the real estate deals, buy, sale and rent
  • Advice in the investments projects
  • Advice in the design and construction of any project
  • All the shares linked to the record of real estate in the land registry and other necessary organs
  • Formalization of all the authorizations and the testament formalization
  • Juridical Defense and formalization of the legal actions

Acquiring real estate, or investing with our company, a guarantee is obtained in the purity of the deal and the need to tackle all the problems.


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