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Laws on buying property in Spain

Private property is designated currently as one of the fundamental rights of the Constitution of 1978.

The Civil Code regulates various ways through which you can purchase immovable property (Article 609), stating that the owner has the authority or right to it under law.

Spanish law protects the owner (Article 33.1 and 2, Article 28 of the Constitution), fixing the right to property in the register of proprietors., To the legitimate owners of property can be identified.

An important aspect of Spanish law is that the foreigner can be a full one hundred percent owner of the immovable property, unlike a number of countries where it is due for the purchase of immovable property to create a legal entity with a local (resident)

Law on municipal lease establishes the legal regime governing the lease of city property with a residential or nonresidential.

Civil laws establish mechanisms to protect the ownership and use of property, and criminal legislation to punish those who illegally buys or uses it.


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