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Business abroad, investment and business in Spain, investment projects selection abroad

  • Selection of the investment product
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The company RUNIGA - is the parent company of an integrated international holding, which principal activity is the investment and consultancy in the development and real estate activities. Our associates are the Spanish and international companies, leaders in their respective sectors.

After many years of professional work and associates who trust in us, our company is provided with an incomparable investment projects database, what gives us possibility of fixing ideal prices as well as the terms of the agreement, in reference to the habitable real estate products, plots of ground, shopping centers, hotels, industrial objects, companies of agriculture, even plantations of vine, orange and olive as well as infrastructures and public services.

We attend not only to financial investors - but also to capital depositors in different companies in order to get big profitability for their investment.

In our work the strategic investment occupies an important place, that is to say the investment, that the corporation or the member signature do in the company, supposes a value added for the corporation.

The strategic investment intention consists in the access to a product or specific technology that is developing on the part of the beginning company, or support for the new companies that might turn into consumers of corporation´s products.

Granting all the services necessary for the execution of the clients´ investments , having the knowledge of local conditions, administrative resource and reputation of work on the Spanish and international markets, the company Runiga is the irreplaceable and sure associate for potential investors.

The election of the correct segment for the investment is not a simple task, therefore, the associates and specialists of Runiga are ready to give a finished support in consultancy and juridical protection of the chosen investment Project.

We know the whole necessary process that the investor must continue for the integration in the Spanish economy and in that of other countries, such as Cyprus, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Turkey, Germany and is our responsibility to let know that the most important step in the process is the correct exposition of the meeting with principal consultants of the company, or the first direction persons.

When this step has been realized, the entire mechanism is started for the search of the most ideal decisions. 2010 - 2011, it is a time of big possibilities for the investments. A suitable and balanced entry in projects of investment just in the peak of the crisis multiplies the economic impact of the same ones and to provide a competitive advantage for the future development of the business.


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