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How to buy a property abroad or the real estate buy abroad

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How to buy a property abroad or the real estate buy abroad

For the interested persons in buying real estate abroad, the same question always arises: through whom to buy the real estate?. We can say safely that to avoid the multitude of problems in the selection of the building, the juridical formalization and the safety of the deal of buying and selling, it is more reasonable to speak to the big professional companies in these market services.

The company Runiga will provide you with all the services of the real estate buy in Spain and other countries. The experience of many years, the professionalism of the personnel and an extensive database, allow us to spend the whole process of real estate deal successfully.

The legal aid, the expert test of cleanliness in the deal and the procedure of the mortgage loan formalization . All this will guarantee you the safety to avoid claims in the future.

Runiga´s benefits

  • An exceptional database will allow you to choose the best and most rapid purchase option.
  • The specialists' presence in almost all the regions of Spain, Moscow, Saint Petersburg and many other countries around the world, offers you the opportunity to obtain information detailed about any question related with the procedure of buy to be chosen.

The process of buying a property abroad

After request to the company the work with the client develops in a following way.

  • A direct communication is established with the specialist in real estate sale and as far as possible there is realized a precise exposition of the task, parameters of search and emplacement of the building
  • Election of the real estate proposed in the company database or conclusion of the contracted one for individual real estate search
  • Conclusion of the contracted one of trip with the company for the examination of the real estate
  • The examination of the real estate in its emplacement
  • The preliminary juridical cross-check of the real estate chosen in order to detect presence of debts and definition of all the owners
  • Conclusion of the first deprived contract of buying and selling with the owner
  • Opening of a bank account and issue of a number of foreigner's identification
  • Definitive cross-check of the real estate through the juridical department and other services
  • Preparation of all the documents for the record of buy signature and , if it was necessary, mortgage loan formalization
  • The public signature of the deal of the buying and selling with notary with the finished payment of the necessary sum of money, reception of the keys and all the documents of the property
  • The public signature of buying and selling deal in presence of the notary with the finished payment of money, reception of the keys and all the documents of the property
    • If you wishes it, we can formalize a contracted one with the service RUNIGA aftersales, our company will deal with all his worries after the buy
    • If you wishes it, our aftersale service will take charge of payment taxes related to the building, the formalization of water and light contracts


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