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Design and building in Spain

The Spanish architects and their creations occupy it is permanently the first positions in the European and world construction: Avgustin Betankur, big Antonio Gaudi, our contemporaries as Santiago Calatrava and José Asebilo, whose work is a culture patrimony.

In the group of the companies "Runiga" there are the companies that deal professionally with the design and the construction of the real estate of any type and level of complication.

One of more advanced posts company in architectural engineering is the signature "PLANIA", of the province of Alicante (Spain). This company is provided with a team of professional young people with talent that have, in spite of their youth, a big experience in the design and construction of facilities, including works guvernamentales. Between his projects cuentasn with stadiums, urban infrastructure (streets, squares), and a heap of luxurious towns and residential buildings.

Also we work with many Spanish architecture studies in Barcelona, Marbella, Alicante, with big prestige in more than 50 countries of the world.

Our company offers design services, both in Spain and in any other country, including the CIS countries.

Depending on the complexity of the projects, our company carries out the work for proper account, puts in contest the proposal for other specializing companies, included the most important companies of construction of Spain and other countries.

Works which are executed by the company

  • Design and construction for residential ends: towns, houses, farms, housings, urban development, infrastructure
  • Design and construction of commercial properties: hotels, hotels, spas, shopping centers, office blocks, restaurants, discotheques, clubs of golf and golf courses.
  • Design and construction of federal property: highways, streets, sports facilities, stadiums, hospitals, bridges of any complexity, airports, train stations

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