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RUNIGA aftersales servicies

Service post-sale - a very important component of the current real estate office. Many clients who buy real estate abroad, immediately face important problems of language, national and institutional difficulties.

Typical examples include: interpreter's services, rent of cars, rent of apartments, preparation and delivery of the declaration nop being a resident in the property, extract of the land registry to obtain a visa of multiple entry, search of a yacht, sale of earnings, rent of a plane and much more.

For this reason our company has some years ago started to give a great attention to an after-sale service.

Every office of the company can give on the day of today the services of presales and aftersale. Since it is not the basic activity of the company, the price of all the types of services of presales and aftersale they are calculated this way to cover only the personnel expenses.

That's why our prices differ much of other companies, guaranteeing that will receive a quality service.

Short list of services:

  • Registration and renewal of contracts on the electric power, water, gas, a telephony, Internet, alarm system...
  • Statement on the account in local municipality under taxes
  • Formalization of the record for domicile in Spain and other countries
  • Safety contracts formalization
  • Plane and train reservation tickets
  • Assistance in major buys: cars, ships, yachts.
  • Assistance in testaments formalization.
  • Reservation of hotels and apartments, rent of cars
  • Project design of renewal of apartments and houses. All kinds of works of repair and decoration. Lawn and parks, gardens of patios and balconies. Interior design (furniture, lamps, decorative cloths and other decorative objects)
  • Documents mailing by e-mail or fax, including extracts of the land registry
  • Anticipated (finished or partial) the cancellation of the mortgage loans in accordance with your orders
  • All kinds of transference
  • Translation service, client service
  • Children's registration in schools

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